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What People are saying
about us....

"I would just like to thank you so much for the service and quality of my new front door! I had searched for the style I wanted and found that you had it at a very competitive price. It was still somewhat scary to do a  relatively big purchase sight unseen, but when it showed up it was just what I had hoped for. My builder was very impressed with the quality and cost and asked for your website - which I gladly gave him.  I would like to thank you and offer my best recommendations to anyone  looking to do business with you."   J. Magnussen

"Hard to believe it has been almost 10 years! We have been so happy with our front door, and still get positive comments. No regrets ever! "  
J. Magnussen

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am that my door arrived in great shape! My wife is thrilled, so life is good for me...at least for this week. I was very unsure of such a large purchase over the web, but everything worked out great! You were a pleasure to work with, Thanks! I will certainly plan to get all my future doors with Millwork For Less!"  G. Lidner

"You delivered on your promise and certainly met our expectations. When in need of another door I will definitely give you a call and will recommend MFL to others. Do you make garage doors?
Thank you," B and M Faircloth

"We are amazed by the beauty of the door you made for us. It has truly transformed the front of our house. Thank you so very much for your incredible work!!!" A.Stumpf

"Thanks so much for taking care of the window. Your service guy did a great job. Service after the sale is a lost art. Thanks again. Best regards," W. Lithgow

"I just wanted to let you and your team know how much we love the doors!!! Thank you!!!!" Five Way Farm

"Thanks for your advice. We love our front door! The door and the stone work really elevated
the look of the home during our two year exterior and interior renovation project." E. Naddaf

"Nice people to do business with. Helpful and understanding. Highly recommend."  J. Merchant

"Our doors arrived Thursday in good condition - no shipping damage. We are glad that we (and you) went to the trouble of getting the finish right on the interior doors. It is a very good match for what we already have installed. The doors are all beautiful so we’re very pleased. The front door is gorgeous. These doors will be a major focal point in our new house.
We certainly appreciate the lengths to which you went to get this order right by us. Thank you for your patience and diligence in doing so."
 P. Andrews

"Commenting about Millwork for Less, -- you and Alan have been consistent, always quite timely attending to questions and concerns, and accepting of comments, you acknowledging them, a while back, something about catalog at web site, etc., and Alan answering the other morning when my mom called shows, thankfully not all companies have changed to mechanized prompts or computers trying to sound human, gleefully, 'oh, wait while I look that up,' I didn't understand that, and ending call with, thanks for calling! Enjoy the weekend -- if recall Saturday's too for Millwork for Less..." J. Zappia

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. We got the door installed on Friday
 and we’re loving it." V. Valencia

"I bought a mahogany door from Millwork for Less in June 2016. We absolutely love the door and have neighbors complementing us on it all the time. We are having a slight draft problem that we first noticed during this past winter here in Chicago. I called Todd and described the problem and he knew exactly how to fix the problem. He is sending me some materials to fix at no charge.
This is the type of service I come to expect but rarely see in the world today. Thank you Todd for your great customer service! It hasn't gone unnoticed!" 
G. Raus

"You guys have been great to work with. The price for the door I purchased was almost half of the cost my builder figured for a comparable door locally. As the pictures show, the door is beautiful!!! Couldn't be happier with my purchase and I highly recommend anyone seriously considering a new door to purchase it through you guys. I will send a new photo when my barn is finished and stained. That will be sometime in the spring 2018." J. Schutte

"The door has been installed and looks awesome! Thanks for your assistance and give my thanks to your talented staff who worked to create such a fine product!"  J. Gallaher

"I received the entry door and just got around to setting it today because I personally wanted to set it. I just wanted to let you know Im extremely happy with the way it turned out and couldn't be happier. I also love the quality and craftsmanship of it you can tell its very well built and will be around for a very long time. Thank you it was a pleasure doing business with you and I can guarantee this wont be the last time you here from me, I will be contacting you on any and all upcoming projects. Thank You" 
S Beale

"The front door looks amazing! Thanks so much," S. Woody

"One of my favorite things about my house is my front door! :)"  G. Pshybyshefski

We picked up our door and side panels at Millworks for less today and were absolutely ecstatic with the results. We stopped by several months ago just to check out the company because it's hard to pay up front over the net. We met with Chris and designed a unusual door with side panels and tweaked them over the phone with Chris for the next month then sat back and waited, checking occasionally to make sure they didn't close up shop with our money.
The entire experience was painless. The design work the tweaking could not been better, to know my wife is happy (a rare occasion ) in the building process means everything. The owner Todd is a very hands on owner and was involved in the entire process. It was a pleasant experience from start to finish and will definitely do business in the future with millwork for less.

J & H Vrchota

"I've been meaning to send some pics of our door we ordered from you 3 1/2 years ago.  Living in Central Illinois, we were quite nervous to order such a vital piece of our dream home from Pennsylvania, and of course via email!  Nowadays, it can be such a risk to conduct business and/or spend significant money with someone you don't know. However, you eased our minds from day 1.  You understood our concern but yet 'sold' your company by offering referrals in Chicago and providing information, background and literature on Millwork For Less.  We appreciated your time in the phone addressing our concerns. Your team accepting our ideas and hand drawn sketches, taking them and providing us a design to sign off.  Once the order was placed, the turnaround time was quick...almost too quick!! The door arrived wrapped, packed, secured and on time. We thoroughly examined our purchased. The quality of the materials and the overall craftsmanship was immaculate. Your team not only met but exceeded our expectations!   When people stop by our house, they ALWAYS make a comment about how they love our door!  We would have absolutely no hesitation to use your company again. Thanks for everything and sorry this took so long to write."   The Rohers

"I have been wanting to get a note off to you/Millwork for Less ever since we had our new front door installed. What a great representation of your product. Judy and I could not be more pleased. It truly is the focal point when you pull up to our home and we have had countless complements on the beauty of it. We truly thank you and the entire Millwork for Less team for taking great care of us. We appreciate you." D & J Schneider

"Had a great weekend installing the door and it only needs a little sanding of the jam to make it perfect…you did a great job!" 
B. Wenton 

"Good afternoon...I just received my doors and we looked at each one...they are absolutely beautiful.  I have no complaints...they are going to be gorgeous. Please thank your staff and all involved in the making of these doors.  Excellent craftsmanship, excellent service and one happy customer!"  B. Parton

"I just want you to know that your doors are outstanding, and I love them all!! Everyone who comes to see the house comments on the door first. They say it is the most beautiful front door they have ever seen!. I want to write a review for your website, so could you tell me what is the best way to go about it? Should I write to you, or any site in particular? Please also feel free to use my name for anyone who has questions or concerns. You guys are so kind and brilliant, and the whole process was terrific with you all. Thanks again for a spectacular job."  A.Rose, RBG Design-Build

"Just writing to say thank you for the delivery as promised yesterday morning. The doors are spectacular. Truly. They exceed my already very high expectations. I know that many will notice, and I will let them know about your fabulous business. I really could not be happier."  D. Hogans

"I really appreciate the help of your sales rep, Kelly. She was very attentive in answering my questions and helping me to make a decision on the door purchase. She was very prompt in getting back to me and very knowledgeable about the product."  N. McGinnis

"We received the door and are just delighted with it! Beautiful and great quality. Thank you so much for everything. We have and will continue to recommend you every chance we get." M. Penner

"We have two words for the door and window:  AWESOME & AWESOME"  J. Lee

"You guys were great!! Great prices and efficient!!" Steve

"Received the door in great shape. Installed it and it looks beautiful. Thanks so much for your help."
 S. V. Patel, Onyx Homes

"The service was outstanding!"  C. Mita  

"one of the best buying experiences that I have had in a while."  R. Newell

"I have to tell you the front door you made for my parade home looks outstanding. It wows everyone who comes to the house." T. Dobson

"The door is amazing! Thought you might like to see it installed!"
D. Keiser

"Love the door! Thank you for the beautiful solid wood door. It is truly a work of art. The installation guys, who see many doors, could not stop commenting on what a gorgeous piece of work it is. It just makes my day every time I drive in. I can tell that you put extra attention into making this a very special piece."  L. Lorenzen Huber

"Thank you for a great door. The quality is first class."  C. Henderson

"Thank you very much Todd! I am so happy I was able to find your company. I have been trying to get this door for more than 6 months, and you are the only person I have spoken to who could give me exactly what I wanted."  K. Hurley

"What a great web site, sooooo many options. It has made shopping very enjoyable. Thanks,"  D. Haddle

"The doors arrived today and they are beautiful ! The wood is beautiful; the stain is beautiful; the finish is beautiful; the hardware is beautiful. Wow. Thank you." C. Temple

"Your sixteen interior South American Walnut doors have been installed and they are beautiful. Part of the very heart and soul of our home. Our deepest gratitude to all of you."  BA

"I just got home from being in New Jersey for the day.......and, my wife and daughter are raving about how nice the doors are. Thank you so very much for the rush order and the beautiful doors I can't wait to see. Merry Christmas to you and your guys!! Speak to you soon about the garage!"  J. Gularson

"I just wanted you to know that these doors are exactly what we wanted and the are beautiful and we LOVE them. I can not tell you how many compliments we've received about them. Not only that, but several people, including our contractor have asked where we got them from. We've been more the thrilled to give your information--so if you receive inquiries and orders from this area, it's because of our beautiful doors."  A & M Ferguson

"Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful door!!!!  In addition, I told our contractor you were a wonderful company to work with--response time, expectations, a very courteous and helpful staff.  He is excited to use your company for his next remodeling project."  B. Finocchiaro

"Bought my door in 2003.  Glad to see you guys are still in business.  Thanks for the excellent customer support."  J. Marsh

"I would like to thank you for your fabulous service and beautiful work -- the columns are stunning, they were a perfect fit, and go beautifully with the doors. Thank you also for the Hershey chocolates -- my absolute favorite!! (and I am a chocoholic who has traveled the world and tasted all chocolates and Hershey's is still the best). ... and thank you-thank you for the home delivery!! That was extra special." P. Kleysteuber

"My new office doors are installed and they are breathtaking! My wife and I absolutely love them and your company did a stellar job!  Of course, we did encounter one problem. To quote my wife, “now that you can see the beautiful doors to my office from the foyer, the front door now looks like a piece of crap door to a jail cell”. Perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but I think we are now looking for a new front door. My next door neighbors loved the doors so much they are looking to buy from you as well to replace theirs. So, we’ll be reaching out soon to discuss some options. Thanks again for your assistance, and I can’t say enough how beautiful those doors are." S. Cohen

"Thanks for your help. The doors you shipped earlier were awesome." J. JANDRISCH

"Love the door unit, You did a beautiful job, best quality I have seen in a long time."  M. Fortunai

"I just want you to know that my door arrived safe & sound! It's not installed as of yet, but from what I can tell, it looks just as I pictured it!! I LOVE the color of the stain, and am somewhat regretful that I didn't stain the entire door unit. But once it's been properly installed and painted, I will send you a picture of the finished product! I know I will absolutely love it! I really really have to thank you and your team for getting this to me on such short notice. I understand you pushed my door to the front of the production line, and for that my builder thanks you, and of course so do I! The fact that you actually got on the phone w/ me, introduced yourself, and spent time on the small details of what I had envisioned, really made me feel secure in the fact that I purchased a front door online. The most I've ever spent online before was $100 bucks for a pair of boots!  Be assured that I will be an excellent referral source for any of my friends who are shopping for a new front door!"  K. Ortolani

Just wanted to let you know that the door arrived in perfect condition and we are very pleased with the result. The cutouts were done very accurately and it didn't require much adjustment to get the door to fit right into my existing frame.  Will recommend you to others as well. 
Have a great day.
L. Popeszku 

"Thanks for a great door.  It arrived at the worksite yesterday afternoon at 2:00PM.  The framer had it installed without a hitch in less than an hour.  The wood looks great and the beveled glass really adds a nice touch."  D. Curry

"We took delivery of the door today.  I have to tell you the driver of the freight truck was very impressed with the packaging and our builder was very impressed with the door.  We are too."  I. Brown

Above right: "Photo of the door as installed in my law offices." C. Curcio

"Thank you for the prompt attention to this matter. I was nervous at first ordering online, and have never heard of the Millwork for Less company, but I am impressed."  R.Robinson

"You guys are awesome and have been a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you for making my life easier."  K. Ballard

"We have your company as who we show when clients want wood doors.  We, at Carricato's love your companys' doors.  The last three we used were beautiful and will continue to use your company for our wood doors.  We have found your company to be very easy to work with and keep on the schedule they tell us when the door will be ready. Thanks for a great job and look forward to working with you more." Debbie Huether, Design Services; Thomas J. Carricato & Sons, Custom Builder

"Thank you for all of your help.  I'm very impressed and thankful for your assistance.  It is with pleasure that we will recommend your company to others."  V. Kaslow

"Everything arrived in perfect condition.  They look fantastic.  Thank you."  Mike

"A quick note to let you know how great of a job Kelly did in helping me place my order with your company.  All too seldom do we say thank you for great service and in this case it was a true pleasure working with Kelly and feeling totally comfortable with placing an order like this On-Line.  Thanks Again."   P. Borchert

"Here are the photos of our entryway.  We love it and would like to thank you and Millworkforless for all your help."  S.Brown

"I have been meaning to write to you for months, as you all need to know how thrilled we are with our beautiful, new front door!
I received my beautiful door and quickly had it installed.  Everything was perfect!  From the ordering process, (thank you, Theresa!) to the delivery, to the installation, to the customer service. It was impeccably constructed and my carpenter was very impressed.  Beautiful workmanship!!  It has totally changed the look of our house and everyone asks where we got it.  Even the UPS man!!   We couldn't be happier!  It is always a thrill to find people who take pride in their work!
Thank you, thank you to everyone who had a hand in getting it to us!  We love it!
"  K. Picek

"I appreciate the apology for that which you have little, if any, control over, but appreciate even more your helpful and accommodating attitude! Every time someone is impressed by my entry door (and it will be often), I will rave about the company I bought it from. Thanks."  J. Allred


"Our door has been installed for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to say that we absolutely love it.  The door is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and we are very happy that we were able to do business with you and Millwork For Less."  A & L Youssef

"Door is here safe and sound. Had my contractor over to help me move it and break it out of the container. The door is just beautiful and the contractor was impressed.  Thank you for all your help."  D. Pearson

"My wife just called (from Montreal, QC) and we received the doors.  She is absolutely thrilled with them!  Thanks so much!"    B. McManus 

"Hi to everyone, My door is here and I could not be happier. It is just perfection. Thank you so much for a door that I can be so proud. I love the Tuscan Arch Panel in my door." C. Cornwell

"We bought an arch top door from you about a year ago and I told you I would email you pictures when it was installed. I adore the door, it makes the house. It has held up perfectly and you guys were wonderful to do business with."  K. Hiller   (Photos below)



"The door is absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you, will send pictures when house is done."  M. Kurka


"Let me say the door I purchased from your company was beautiful and the contractor who installed it was quite impressed with the quality. Your company was wonderful to deal with and I will definitely pass along my experience purchasing from you to all who admire my door.   J. Wagner

"The door is absolutely beautiful. We finally got it installed last weekend."  B. Bidwell

"You guys were great!!  Great prices and efficient!!
Got everything yesterday morning.  And probably will be ordering more stuff.
"   Steve

"Thank you so much for responding to our requests.  We received our new door a few days ago and everything checks out well.  Honestly, we weren't too confident that an internet company would stand behind its product, but you certainly made believers out of us!  You can be sure that the story of your good service will be passed on to our friends and families. Once again, thank you and all those at your terrific company."  P & J Gray

"We just had out door installed today and it looks GREAT! Our foreman said he would absolutely tell clients to use your company. Beautiful quality and great service."   Thanks for everything!   A. Liebergall

"Thanks for the super fast service. Ordered on Thurs and delivered on Wed. Keep up the good work."  Tony

Just wanted you to see how great the [Fawnridge] door looks! The quality is top notch too. Thanks for all your help". Kay


"Thank you very much for a superior product and great service at a fair price!   I cannot emphasize enough the relief my wife and I now have after nearly 10 agonizing months of attempting to secure a custom fit entryway door,  through our local Lowe's home improvement store.    Our harrowing experience with the 'big box' merchant came to a boil after several misinformed salespeople were sent to other departments or fired?  and we were quoted a price of $6400.00 for a virtually identical mahogany entryway, ( Nearyly TWICE the amount your product sold for!)"   D. Floyd

"Everyone told me that building a house was a very difficult and frustrating process and it was until I found Millwork for Less.  Your door is the centerpiece of the Masterpiece you are building. Millwork for Less walked me through the hours I spent agonizing on the perfect design.  What caught my attention initially was that the door pricing included shipping. What kept my interest in dealing with Millwork for Less was how helpful and responsive they were to my many questions and concerns. I now check with them to see if they sell anything else I may need for my home before I shop anywhere else. My experience was exemplary and I will continue to be a loyal customer."    L. Towns

"It has been a pleasure working with you and your company.  I am learning so much about this simple product called a door.  What an experience!  Thank you for your service."  J. A. Wise

"Thanks again for an efficient service and best customer care... I will continue to be your customer."  Augusto

"I thought you might be interested to see the door installation. We are still working on the beams, however the kitchen itself is done.  We are trilled with the final result! And so glad we found you guys!  Kind regards,"  Deb

"I can honestly say that my purchase from www.millworkforless.com was one of the best buying experiences that I have had in a while.  I was definitely skeptical at first about buying a wood exterior door over the Internet, however, after speaking with the customer service staff, I decided to take a chance.  They had the exact door that I was looking for and their prices were reasonable.  They even took the time after I placed my order to call me and double check my dimensions.  They promised delivery within two weeks, which they exceeded by delivering the door to me in about a week.  It was very well packaged and the door is absolutely gorgeous.  I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation."  RN

"We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your service and great prices, both were great and much better than both Lowes and Home Depot. Thanks again and we will be recommending you to all our business associates."   G. Zamora

"I just wanted to thank Kelly for her assistance in placing the order of my door. I ordered the Evanston mahogany entrance door and it arrived in great condition and on time. I was very impressed with the quality craftsmanship of the door. It's just beautiful.  I just wanted to say thanks for offering these quality doors at a reasonable price and fast delivery." D DeThomas

"...we're really happy with the door.  Thanks for the great service and attention to detail.  I was really nervous buying a door "on-line" but everything worked out just fine.  Incredible packing by the way!!!   Thanks much, "   
D. Janes

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"You have done something that rarely happens.  You exceeded my expectations.  Your professionalism, honesty, and absolute top-quality customer service has been nothing less than superior.  I look forward to working with you on our future projects."     S. Taylor, Taylorbuilt Homes, Inc

"I usually have suggestions for improvement, but millworkforless has been excellent. 
I love the baseball cap and wear it regularly." 
 S. Patterson

"Everything was handled very nicely and I would not hesitate to recommend millworkforless to others."    K. Violette

"Thank you so much for the excellent service on my order." J. Poland

"Your reply to this whole situation has been more than exemplary. I will
definitely keep your company in mind with future purchases."
  M. Meade

"Working with customer service was an extremely delightful experience.  They were very helpful, always returned calls quickly, and when there was an issue, they were quick to find a solution.  P.S. The door is beautiful!"    K. Luzi

"We found you on the net.  People have commented on the quality and beauty of the door and we have given your website!"   K. Hillerbrand  

"Reasonable prices, great service.  The fact that you follow-up after the fact says to me this company cares about the outcome and not just about pushing product."   Clarksville, WV

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