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Why not fiberglass?
Because a real wood door is far superior...

Door expert answers question regarding exterior doors - fiberglass vs woodThe fiberglass door was first developed in the 80’s!  It is not a new technology and with all the developments made in fiberglass door finishing, the doors are still composite fiberglass with stamped graining to look like wood. THEY ARE NOT WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!  You can not properly match real to wood. Fiberglass doors and wood fade at different rates.  When your fiberglass door starts look like a sad sack after a few short years, the finish is done.  The only way to restore the fiberglass door to a decent look is to fully strip it chemically back to raw fiberglass. You can then begin the process of re-staining which is a messy process with the gel stains required.

A wood door can be lightly sanded, wiped down with mineral spirits and re-top-coated for an almost new door finish. The beauty of doing  a maintenance coat on a wood door is the wood continues to cure and age with time much as a fine wine matures.  The only time a wood door must be stripped to bare wood is if the doors receives many years of neglect and the finish is compromised allowing air and water to come in contact with  bare wood for an extended period of time.  When a wood door is scratched or dinged, the effect area is easy to sand, steam and touch up in the location of damage.  When a fiberglass door is damaged, the entire finish must be stripped and reapplied.

The reason most fiberglass doors are stained and hung in frames that are painted is that frames are not readily available in a stainable, match-able product.  Run from fiberglass doors. There is not a single reason to buy them short of you wanting to replace it in five years or less.  And, every customer with fiberglass doors calling to replace with wood doors, says the same thing, “fiberglass, never again!”

Lastly,  a wood door can be whatever you wish it to be.   A fiberglass door can be anything for which a stamping moulding has been made.  The molds cost approximately $30,000 to $50,000 each.  With fiberglass, your selections are limited by the molds that exist from the manufacture. With wood doors, your ideas and our abilities, your door may yet to be born. Allow us to make it a reality for you!

House comparison - fiberglass or wood exterior doors
BEFORE with fiberglass entry door  --  AFTER with mahogany wood door.

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